Dear valued customer, beyond is 3 easy guiding-steps to following for taking care of the curly/wavy hair after you get the packages from our company.

Step 1:  Take the hair out of the package, soak them one by one in water with your favorite conditioner or collagen in around 15 to 20 minutes. Do not brush or comb the hair during this step, that will be give the hair started tangled. Only soak them and leave them dry naturally.

Step 2: When hair is dry, release the bundle of hair to open the weft up for a line. Use your fingers go through from top to tip to separate them out.             

Step 3: Please use the wide-tooth brush for taking care of your hair. Gently comb the hair from top to tip. Now you can enjoy your beautiful curly/wavy hair.

Note: We recommended: using the wide-tooth brush for brushing the curly/wavy hair. Others will not be recommended for avoiding destroyed the hair and do not comb when the hair still wet. If customers are not following these guiding-steps, we cannot allow for refund, return or exchange even in within 4 days you received our hair. Thank you!